State of Russia in the surrounding world. Analytical book 

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Russia in the Surrounding World 2008.

Russia in the Surrounding World 2008.Sustainable development: ecology, policy, economy: Analytical series /Ed. N.N. Marfenin; d. board N.N. Marfenin, S.A. Stepanov. Moscow: IIUEPS Press, 2008. 328 pp.
ISBN 978-5-7383-0303-6

The annual is published by the Center of theoretical analysis of environmental problems of the International Independent University of Environmental and Political Sciences (IIUEPS). Year after year the articles, reference materials, and calendar of events of the annual reflect current developments in Russia in terms of environmental safety, the world trends of globalization and transition of the humankind to sustainable development. They focus on demographic and social processes, resource policies and public health, efforts of the world community and Russia to avert the environmental crisis, as well as on education and public participation in the governance of national development.
The eleventh issue of the series offers an overview of Russias development over the past 30 years in terms of national economy, industrial trends, and water and air pollution. Other chapters address the following aspects of sustainable development: the problem of modernization of comprehensive education, evolution of librarianship in Russia over the past 100 years, and also translation of an article on the various forms of investing for sustainability. A special feature of the issue is a chapter about one of the most successful Russian NGOs based in Nizhny Novgorod.
In addition to analytical papers, the book also contains numerous statistical data; a calendar of major events of the past year; a listing of decrees adopted by the Russian government regarding rational management of natural resources; a list of most recent books on the environment and management of natural resources published in the Russian language.
The annual addresses a wide audience of those who want to keep up with the current developments in Russia in terms of global trends, including environmentalists, political scientists, legislators, university and secondary school educators, students, and all independent-minded individuals at large.

State of Russia in the surrounding world 2008

State of Russia in the surrounding world

Analytical book 2008

Analytical book 2008

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