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Russia in the Surrounding World 2004

Russia in the Surrounding World: 2004 (Analytical series). Ed. N.N. Marfenin / Ed. board: N.N. Marfenin, S.A. Stepanov. Moscow: Modus_Co Eterna, 2005. 320 p.

The annual is published by the Center of Theoretical Analysis of Environmental Problems of the International Independent University of Environmental and Political Sciences. Year after year the articles, reference materials, and calendar of events of the annual reflect the current developments in Russia in terms of environmental safety, the world globalization trends and the transition of humankind to sustainable development. They focus on demographic and social processes, resource policies and public health, the efforts of the world community and Russia to avert the environmental crisis, as well as on education and public participation in the governance of national development.

The seventh issue of the series is devoted mainly to the problem of environmental safety of the humankind. Is global warming a fact of reality and how can it affect us? Are natural cataclysms like floods, droughts, typhoons, are hurricanes becoming more frequent? What is the possible impact of climate change on people's health?

What is the role of human economic activity in biospheric changes? What are the positive and negative aspects of developing atomic engineering and how dangerous can it be? Should we build new nuclear power stations in our country? Can we solve in the near future the problems of recycling and disposal of nuclear waste products?

How should we behave toward completely new technologies like genetic engineering? What are the possible hazardous aftereffects of gene transfer, or any deliberate alteration of the genome?

Two of the articles are indirectly but profoundly related to the problem of environmental safety. One of them dwells on the role of hunting in the modern world. Is it appropriate from the ecological point of view to advocate hunting as a sport? Do we have any ethical or economic arguments to justify it?

The other article translated from the American yearbook State of the World 2004 is focused on the growth of individual consumption of natural resources. The authors bring up the question 'how much does a human need'?

In addition to analytical papers, the book also contains numerous statistical data; a calendar of major events of the past year; a listing of decrees adopted by the Russian government regarding rational management of natural resources; a list of most recent books on the environment and management of natural resources published in the Russian language.

The annual addresses a wide audience of those who want to keep up with the current developments in Russia in terms of global trends, including environmentalists, academicians, students, and all other independent_minded individuals.

State of Russia in the surrounding world 2004

State of Russia in the surrounding world

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