State of Russia in the surrounding world. Analytical book 

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Appendix 1

101. Dynamics of the official US dollar exchange rate (for the end of the month)
102. Payment balance of Russian Federation during 19941999 (neutral representation, mln. US dollars).
103. Dynamics of main characteristics of economic development in RF and some fields of natural recourses (in comparable prices, % related to 1990 ).
104. Some attributes, characterizing mining and use of crucial minerals (% related to 1990).
105. Some main indicators of forestry division activity in RF.
106. Main attributes, characterizing aquatic recourses use in RF.
107. Changes in Human Development Index (HDI) value and GDP per capita in some countries.
108. Calculation of Human Development Index (HDI) by various regions of RF in 1997.
109. Standards of European Community regarding toxic wastes in vehicle expels.
110. Age and sex structure of Russian population during 18971999.
111. Life expectancy at birth (years).
112. Infant mortality (infant deaths prior to 1 year per 1000 live births)
113. Representation of parties and movements in Russian Parliament of the 3d call.
114. The results from deputy elections of the Russian Parliament by federal voting district (1-st, 2-d, 3-d calls).
115. The results from presidential elections in Russia (1991, 1996, 2000).
116. Russian Parliament (history of Russian Parliament).
117. Comparative table of election systems in 29 countries
118. Summary table of agendas of different parties and political movements aimed at environmental problems.

Besides, the appendix contains:
* A list of main laws, decrees issued by the President, and the Acts of Russian Federation Government published during the last year (1999), that concern state regulation of environmental quality, ecological safety, and fulfilment of international environmental guaranties by Russia;
* The calendar of the most interesting social events that reflect public activity in the area of nature conservation;
* Main textbooks and reference materials on ecology and environmental management that appeared in press recently.

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